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KAL is an ELECTRONIC NON-GOVERNMENTAL ORGANIZATION (e-NGO) and has been initiated on independent volunteering bases as a global open network since 1993. Members with skills in linguistic, and information technology are sharing their thoughts around Kurdish linguistic issues. They seek information, solutions and focus on a future for better understanding of the Kurdish language. KAL is a community of people who has responded to this crucial question of our society.

"Herwekí me cend jaran gotiye yekitiya mileté kurd bi yekítiya zimané kurdí téte pé. Di yekítiya zimané de gava péshín jhí yekítiya herfan e. Yaní jhi bona nivísandina zimané miletekí divét zana ú xwendewarén wí miletí bi tevayí jhi bona zimané xwe elfabeyeké bibijhérin ú heke di wí zimaní de cand zar hene, zar hemí bi wé elfabé béne nivísandin."

"As I have noted before, the Kurdish nation will converge via a unified Kurdish language. The prerequisite of a unified Kurdish language is a unified Kurdish alphabet. This means that the Kurdish scholars and the literati need to develop a writing system that allows all speakers hailing from every Kurdish dialect to use that writing system."

Jeladet Alí Bedir Xan, Hawar, hejh 9, 1932

Mír Jeladet Alí Bedir Xan  Northern Kurdish text book  Central  Kurdish text book Southern Kurdish text book Tewfíq Wehbí Beg

A Unified Alphabet the ultimate solution to Kurdish language issue
Alfabéyekí Yekgirtú careserí yekjarí bo késhey zimaní Kurdí
ئه‌لفوبێیه‌كی یه‌كگرتو چاره‌سه‌ری یه‌كجاری بۆ كێشه‌ی زمانی كوردی

A Comparison Between Allophone, Syllable, and Diphone Based TTS Systems for Kurdish Language

By Wafa Barkhoda1, Bahram ZahirAzami1, Anvar Bahrampour2, Om-Kolsoom Shahryari1

Abstract- nowadays, concatenative method is used in most modern TTS systems to produce artificial speech. The most important challenge in this method is choosing an appropriate unit for creating a database. This unit must warranty smoothness and high quality speech, and also, creating database for it must take reasonable resources and should be inexpensive. Syllable, phoneme, allophone, and, diphone are usually used as the units in such systems. In this paper, we implemented three synthesis systems for Kurdish language, respectively based on syllable, allophone, and diphone. We compare the quality of the three systems, using subjective tests.

International Mother Language Day: 21 February 2010

The International Mother Language Day, proclaimed by the General Conference of UNESCO in November 1999, has been observed yearly since February 2000 to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism.

The eleventh International Mother Language Day, on 21 February 2010, will be celebrated in the framework of the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures.

Turkey gives Kurdish editor 21-year jail term

ANKARA (Reuters Thu, Feb 11 2010) - A Turkish court has sentenced the editor of a Kurdish newspaper to 21 years in prison for printing what it called Kurdish rebel propaganda, a ruling likely to raise concern about press freedom in the EU candidate country.

Language and Nation-Building in Kurdistan-Iraq

Jaffer Sheyholislami, PhD, Nov 2009

Language has frequently been considered an integral part of nation building. If nation-building has often meant nation destroying,  it has also meant imposing one language while suppressing others.  Since the birth of the French Republic, most language policies have been informed by the nation-state ideology (henceforth NSI), which is used here to refer to the view that a nation must be congruent politically, culturally and linguistically. This is a powerful myth that needs to be debunked if we want to celebrate diversity and uphold linguistic rights for all. 

Abdulla Goran (1904 - 1962)

Abdulla Goran (1904/05/? -18/11/1962), (in Kurdish: Ebdulla Goran, عبدوڵا گۆران) was a Kurdish poet. He was born as Abdulla Suleiman in Halabja/Hewramn province/Kurdistan in May 1904. He went to school in Kirkuk and on to further education at teaching school. Later on he worked as a teacher for several years in the Hawraman region.

Beginning Kurmanji Kurdish DVD

Hûn bi xêr hatin dersên kurdî!

This Beginning Kurmanji Kurdish DVD consists of 20 lessons that aim to provide learners with basic Kurdish language skills so that they can express themselves in Kurdish. Each lesson includes one or more dialogues with accompanying audio and video features, grammar as well as footnotes, which provide additional explanatory notes about grammar, idiomatic expressions and Kurdish culture;

Li xuníshandanekéda xuwéndkar u qutabíyén devera Amédíyé‌ daxaza zimané‌ Kirmanjí‌ diken

Govend Amédí‌, Sibey, 14/01/2010

Duhí‌ jhimareka zora qutabíyan li xuníshandanekéda cune beramber qamqamíyeta qeza Amédíyé‌ u li yadashtnamekéda daxazkir shéwazé‌ Kirmanjí‌ li qutabixanén devera Behdínan bihét xandin.

گویش گورانی روستای گوراجوب قشلاق

گویش گورانی روستای گوراجوب قشلاق، در منطقۀ گوران

سروش شهبازی، ٢٠٠۹

گویش شناسی شاخه‌ای از علم زبان‌شناسی است که به بررسی ماهیت و پراکندگی گونه‌های زبانی می‌پردازد.[1]  و چون شیوۀ  قاطع و ویژه ای برای رده بندی گویشها پدید نیامده است، این مطالعات با چالشهایی روبرو هستند.

Akademiya Kurdí di konferansa zimaní de ci kir ser berké

Dirbas Mistefa, Rojhnameya Evro, 29/12/2009

Konferansa zimané kurdí bo demé sé rojhan li Hewléré hate géran. Jhi bo zanína enjaman me ev dídar kirin. Dr. Íbrahím Ehmed Simoyí li ser cúna shandé Dihoké bo konferansa zimané kurdí li Hewléré got:

Book Review; Minority Language Media: Concepts, Critiques and Case Studies

Jaffer Sheyholislami, Carleton University, Dec 2009

Minority languages have been oppressed, denied, and neglected for a long time, and their decline is accelerating. Whereas estimates show that half of the world’s languages disappeared from 1450 to 1950, half of the remaining 6000 to 7000 languages could disappear in this century alone. Some observers include globalization and new media technologies among the factors contributing to this extinction. Some others, however, see new media, such as satellite television and the Internet, as the salvation of minority languages.

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