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Make a donation to KAL's projects. A donation is a gift given, typically to a cause or/and for charitable purposes. The KURDISTANICA network of volunteers runs KAL as well. KURDISTANICA network use your donation to initiate and launch crucial projects related to KURDISTAN. At the moment we are investing your donation in our multilingual interactive dictionary PeyvName. Join us to create the first complete word collection for Kurdish lanaguage with your Donation!

پێشکه‌ش Péshkesh


For donation please click on Donate button below where you will be redirected to KURDISTANICA's Paypal page. Put the amounts you would like to donate, enter your details and follow the instruction. You will be able to send us a note and emphasise which project you would like us to use your donation. PayPal is the most secure online payment method. It has over 100 Million users world wide. Please read about PayPal payment method

If you feel you can have an impact by other means please do not hesitate to get involve with our projects. We are looking for new bright volunteers to translate and support KAL for creating Turkish, Arabic, Persian and enhance our Kurdish sections. We have huge amount of data which are hardcopies of books and manuscripts and we need our support network to type them electronically exactly as it is. Let us know if you want to get involve.

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Being a student the donation

Being a student the donation I made was not much, however I hope many others will follow to make a little help so that together in the end it can become a lot of help. KAL and Kurdistanica can make ...

Rawaz Shanagar

We need more people like

We need more people like you.Keep up with the good work.

Della Murad

I can not wait to see a day

I can not wait to see a day when a Kurdish pupil sits in front of a home computer and test his/her curiosity in Kurdish words as easy as an adult computer literate can do. Well done!

Shano Roshani

Although 5 dollars isn't much

Although 5 dollars isn't much but it will have to do for now. Good luck and please continue the good work.

Najat Azeez