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Kurdish Academy of Language  [KAL]

KAL has a new look and interactive service now. KAL has been promoting knowledge on Kurdish Language since 1993. KAL was the first Kurdish Website on Internet which started with one single page by Dr Dilan Roshani. Time has passed the Internet has gotten so advance that has become a necessity of every day's life. Click online ( we invite you to new KAL website. If you are passionate about linguistic issues please do not hesitate to become a member of our scholarly network. You can provide your volunteering free time to translate materials, provide electric copy of manuscripts, sending your poems and short stories for publication or simply give you moral support or donation ( for maintenance.

On 15th April 2008 the Kurdish Paper Hawillatí published a letter by 53 personalities whom asked President Barzani to declare the Central Kurdish (Soraní) Speaking and Writing system as an official Languages for KRG. The letter has been met with controversial responses. A section has been dedicated ( to this event where KAL represents all publications in this regards in their original forms and converted to Unified Kurdish Alphabet "Yekgirtú". Please get involve read stories and VOTE in KAL's Poll section. The Poll aim to introduce a public view on this issue. KAL stands for transitional Multi-Dialectal Kurdistan with a reformed Unified Alphabet. If you feel you will have more to say please become a member and post your views on KAL Forum.

Everyone is Invited

On behalf of KAL,  Dr Dilan Rostam Roshani

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