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Turk pop diva must launch Kurd show

ANKARA - As preparations continue for the opening of Kurdish TV on the country’s official broadcaster, some ruling party deputies demanded a showy start to the channel with the appearance of Sezen Aksu, the queen of Turkish pop.

As part of developing the cultural rights of Turkish citizens from Kurdish origin, the state-owned Turkish Radio and Television, or TRT, decided to air a TV channel in the Kurdish language, which will broadcast first for 12 hours and than 24 hours-a-day in January. 

As work to kick off the broadcast accelerates, the issue was raised on the agenda of Justice and Development Party, or AKP, deputies during a party camp in the Kızılcahamam district of Ankara last weekend.

Hürriyet Daily News & Economic Review has learned that some of the deputies from east and southeast regions proposed the state minister responsible for TRT, Mehmet Aydın, invite Aksu and Kurdish singer, Ciwan Haco, to deliver an opening concert in Kurdish. Besides songs in Armenian and Greek, Aksu also sang songs in Kurdish during her "Turkey’s Songs" concert at Ephesus Antique Theatre, in 2002.

Haco popular in south and southeastern Turkey

Stressing that Haco is a popular singer in east and southeast Anatolia, some of the deputies said a TV show by Haco would be appreciated by the local people as well. A broadcast of popular TV series in Kurdish is also another proposal that was discussed during the camp. Aydın said he would convey the proposals to TRT's administration when the broadcast starts.

In relation to the delay in the broadcast of Kurdish TV, Aydın pointed out the lack of experts in the subject. "There are many dialects in the Kurdish language. Thus, we have difficulties in finding a qualified expert on the subject," he argued, adding that they cannot decide whether the broadcast will be in certain dialects or all of them.

Source: Hurriyet

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