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QWX - show ur lingua

 "With a single glance at the underside of my tongue the teacher would control if I had spoken the forbidden language at home. When I was a child I still spoke my native tongue" H.K., Diyarbakir

To stick out your tongue is more than a universal sign of disobedience.

The Errorist project is centred on the search for failures. Its art project "qwx - show ur lingua" aims to counter the politics which homogenise the subjectivity of people living within the boundaries of Turkey, people who have a variety of ethnic and cultural identities.

By prompting people to upload images of their tongues sticking out "qwx - show ur lingua" aims to create a space of resistance.

Within Turkish society subjects who resist and who live in opposition to the politics of homogenisation are regarded as traitors and are demonised by the Turkish state and by society at large. This demonization is not only a recourse to a mythical being to shape the political and historical perception of the other but also a symbol embedded into everyday language that invokes the unknown, the threatening, and the unintelligible.

Sticking out your tongue deforms the submissive and pleasing expression power and authority expects to see. The face that sticks out its tongue disrespects power and authority by breaking codes of communication that are accepted socially. It provides the demonised other with the means to adopt an image attributed to him/herself and to re-signify it in a way that makes visible its internal other.

Our medium is our message!

The aim of the project is to combine the universal meaning of sticking out your tongue, disobedience, with the demands of the subjects which do not identify themselves as Turks and whose native tongues are not the official language. Those demands are the recognition of their difference and the right to education in their own languages.

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