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Teach yourself: Kurdish Textbooks

In an attempt to promote a culture of self learning in Kurdish literacy KAL has provided several Kurdish textbooks. "Alfabéy Nú" is the first ever written Kurdish textbook for South Kurdish dialect. There are two other major textbooks for Middle and North Kurdish. The renown Middle Kurdish textbook "Elfúbéy Niwé" by Íbrahím Emín Balldar from 1952, originally written in modified Arabic writing system has been converted into unified Kurdish writing system Yekgirtú. The other renown Kurdish textbook for North Kurdish "Alfabe" by M. Emín Bozarslan from 1968, originally written in Hawar writing system has also been converted to Yekgirtú writing system.

Here KAL shows the feasibility of Yekgirtú in a practical way and at the same time providing a virtual environment for learning Kurdish.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with you feedback.

 North Kurdish    Middle Kurdish    South Kurdish

  Northern Kurdish text book        Central  Kurdish text book        Southern Kurdish text book 

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