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Standard Kurdish: Loanword

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Hereby I am willing to initiate the process of discussing and establishing standard words for Kurdish. My first aim is to purify Kirmanjí Kurdish which is the major Kurdish speech. However the Pehlewaní group will be discussed as well.

I will write down my suggestions based on the tangible materials and their reasonable explanations. If you find something wrong, or you think you have got a better idea in terms of scientific back-up and reasoning, or if you have any thing else that you reckon to be interesting, please do not hesitate to share your helpful ideas over here. If you are not probably registered with KAL, you may give us the pleasure of your contribution thru registering.

My first suggestion is:

Wawishe : loanword; comprised of "wa-" = original form "waw" ~ "loan, borrowing"; from Soraní and Kirmajhí, a cognate of Persian "vam" in the same meaning; and "wishe" ~ "word".

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There are some words in use

I believe today the word "Wushey Bégane" is used for loanword. But Wawushe seams more consist. Does this mean that we can use we can use the word "Wa-" for "Qerz"?

I know in South Kurdish the word "Wa" means wind, which is used in waweshin, wakúre, waxuweshín, washúrr

There are even words such as

wayín = scape
washúre = spare cloths

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