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Joined: 21 Aug 2008

My page goes today to the final-status, it is avaible in Zazaki, German, English and Turkish. I will also add a Kurmanjí-language pack after the translation of Zazaki.

I were very glad, if you be a member. There are many informations about the etymology of Zazaki.

To Emanoel Kurdistani (zimanzan): I were very happy, if you put your important articles and analyses form Northerniraq about Zazaki to our Forum, thank you. Here you can put your Standard-text about Zazaki:

Thank you very much!

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Joined: 16 Sep 2008

Thanks for your positive opinion toward my works. Your knowledge is also as sufficient as mine. I think Kurdish Academy is potentially capable to deal with all Kurdish speeches properly. More important than this technical potential is the cordial commitment of the founder. However I will not spare any thing in order to contribute with your web site. Best wishes.

Weshdíyayishé (optimism) te ra sipas heval. Zanitishé te zí sey min o. Ez qey peshtí ra mizayeqe nékenan. Tu doayé xéré xo ra, ma bénesíb meke.

Blessed Are The Meek