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Standard Kurdish: Alms & Universe & Meteoroid & Caviar & Corpse

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Gesht: alms; from "geshtin" ~ "to turn", from Middle Iranian "weshten" in the same sense. The significance is based on the belief that alms and aid for the poor may turn the calamities.

Gétí: universe; from ancient "geéth-".

Gustér: meteoroid, meteorite; from "gu-"? and "stér" ~ "star".

Kavíyar: caviar; from Northern Kirmanjí.

Rist: corpse; from ancient "ríst-"* from the verbal root "reéth-" ~ "to decease; to kill". Also appears in the Middle Persian term "rístaxéz" > Persian "restaxíz" ~ "resurrection of the dead".

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