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Standard Kurdish: 20 words

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Awíshk: aquatic, pertaining to water; from "aw" ~ "water" + "-íshk" famous Kurdish suffix, re-constructible as ancient "-cít-eke".

Awjhí: aquatic, living in water; from "aw" ~ "water" + "jhí" present stem for "jhín" ~ "to live".

Awing: dew, from "aw" ~ "water" + "-ing" a frequent Kurdish suffix.

Awjhen: oar; from "aw" ~ "water" + "jhen" present stem for "jhenín" ~ "to beat; to strike".

Pébestig: captive; from "pé" ~ "foot" + "bestig" passive form of "besten" ~ "to tie, to fasten".

Parde: moat, trench; from "par"/"per" ~ "around" < ancient "peírí" + "de" <? "teu-" ~ "to cover".

Pashan: then; from "pash" ~ "after, post" + "-an" a frequent suffix.

Pík: sledgehammer; from earlier form "petek" (> peyek > peyk > pék > pík), a cognate of Persian "potk".

Namílke: treatise

Navper: interval; from "nav" ~ "middle" + "per" ~ "around".

Navce: region; from "nav" ~ "middle" + "-ce" a common Iranian suffix.

Navko: mean, average; "nav" ~ "middle" + "-ko" <? "kom" ~ "crowd".

Pertok: book; from "pert" < "petir" ~ "page; wing" + "-ok" a frequent suffix, re-constructible as ancient "-yo-eke".

Pertokíle: booklet; neology, from "pertok" ~ "book" + "íle" famous diminishing suffix in Kurdish.

Pirrúpuc: superstition; from "pirr" ~? "full" + "ú" ~ "and" + "puc" ~ "vain; absurd".

Henav: viscera; from "hen"/"en" ~ "in" + "nav" ~ "middle; among".

Axar: territory; (Central Kurdish) from "ax" ~ "terra, soil" + "-ar" ~ a common Iranian suffix.

Bin: sub-, down; hymen; akin to Persian "bon" ~ "down, underneath".

Xézan: kindred; household; from "xéz" ~ "self" < ancient "hvepethye", akin to Middle Persian "xwésh".

Jhenu: knee; from ancient "jhinu".

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