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Standard Kurdish: 21 words

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Pesar kirdin: to trim, to prune; from "pes" < ancient "peés-" "to trim" + "-ar" a frequent suffix.

Beristan: terra firma, dry land; from "ber" ~ "dry" + "stan" ~ "state, land".

Peristík: idol; from "peristin" ~ "to worship".

Zirek: armor; akin to Persian "zéréh".

Riz: rice; from Old Persian "virízúe", akin to Scythian "ríysú".

Berze: pilaf; <? virízúe; <? be+rize.

Shewate: fire, arson; from "shewatan" ~ "to burn".

Pishtrast: confident; from "pisht" ~ "back" + "rast" ~ "right; straight".

Pishtrastí: confidence; from "pishtrast" ~ "confident".

Polat: steel; akin to Persian "fúlad"/"púlad".

Heywan: porch, veranda; akin to Persian "éyvan".

Tajhang: scourge, whip; (Northern Kirmanjí) from "tajhan" ~ "to lash, to scourge", akin to Persian "tazíyané".

Nermijhandin: marinate; (Northern Kirmanjí) verbal form from "nermijh" ~ "smooth".

Sewkejhem: snack; (Central Kirmanjí) from "sewk" ~ "light, slight" + "jhem" ~ "meal; a regular time".

Washok: sparrow hawk.

Binik: saucer; from "bin" ~ "down" + "-ik" a famous Kurdish suffix.

Seholan: glacier; < ''sehol" ~ "ice" + "-an" a suffix to indicate a place.

Derazín: courtyard; <? "der" ~ "place" + "azín" ~ "decorate".

Jemik: twin; < "jem" + "ik"; "jem" < ancient "yem".

Rézéner: computer; neology, < "rézandin" ~ "to compute, to calculate".

Wetewet: gossiping, rumor; < "wetin" ~ "to say".

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