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Vowel environment for a Standard Kurdish

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Proto Indo-European Sanskrit Old Iranic Standard Kurdish
sw sv hv hw
w v v w
m m m v
p/f p/f p/f v
p p p f
r/l r r l/r
k s s s
k/g c/j c/j jh
k/g h/j z z/d
dw dv dv d
kw sv sp sp
tr tr thr hr
tw tv tv w
y y y y/j
k k x k
rs rs rs/rsh rs/rc
k c sh c
e/Ø e e/i i/e

Word examples:

Vowel Example Meaning
hw hwerdin (-hwe-), hweh, hwastin (-hwaz-), hwesh to eat, sister, to want, sweet
w waran, wefir, wa, wetin (-wejh-) rain, snow, wind, to say
v nav, cev, gav, zava name, eye, step, bridegroom
v/w kevtin (-kev-), shev, av, shivan to fall, night, water, shepherd
f heft, hefta seven, seventy
l sipil, berz, helatin, wul* spleen, high, to arise, rose
s masí, des, asin fish, ten, iron
jh rojh, jhin, íjh, jhín (-jhí-) day, woman, also, to live
z/d ziryé, zil, zanín, dest ocean, heart, to know, hand
d der, din door, other
sp spí, speg white, dog
hr hiré, hiris three, thirty
w ciwar, ciwares four, forty
y/j yew, yeger, jiwan, juda barley, liver, young, seperate
k ker, kaní, kirín, kenín donkey, font, to buy, to laugh
rs/rc wirsí, hirc hungry, bear
c cún, cet to go, what
i kirdin (-ke-), birdin (-be-), mirdov, kec to do, to bring, human, girl

*Standard Kurdish: wul = rose, wulik = flower,
as in Northern Kirmanjí: gul = rose, gulílk = flower or Zazakí: vilike/vile = flower, gul = rose

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Where is vowel?

I am not sure how we make a vowel out of a consonant /h/ and semi-consonant /w/. The same case is for the most of letters listed under vowel. A vowel is "a speech sound, such as (é) or (í), created by the relatively free passage of breath through the larynx and oral cavity, usually forming the most prominent and central sound of a syllable." and more here

Kurdish vowels (a, e, é, i, í, o, u, ú, ù) and semi-vowels (w, y).

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I updated it.

I updated it, added new vowels and changed some points.