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common vocabularies, common Kurdish

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When it comes to wording in Kurdish writers should think beyond their own home dialects' vocabulary and choose words with wider understanding when it is required. We will need a common way of sharing a more smoother Kurdish which is understandable cross dialects.

I do not think it is a good sign when you see President M. Barzani a native North Kurdish speaker force himself to speak Mid Kurdish. It is like watching Gorge Bush leave his Texas accent and speak New Yorkian, same as Obama try to imitate Florida or British Londoner accent. We shall live with the fact that Kurdish is a multi centres language and try to do our best to bridge them for better understanding between its speakers. This is not through imposing grammar syntax but common vocabularies. 

I think this process should initially aim for a common usage among the speakers of these centres. What one call a standardized Kurdish is more like a standardized dialect of a Kurdish subdialect at the first stage. This standardized dialect of Kurdish needs a reform to be adjusted by its own speaker with a solid aim to make it more understandable for other Kurdish speakers by selecting most common vocabularies and not coin and translating wierd combination from other neighbouring languages.

Look at a modern examples such as "Yarí Topí Pé" (direct translation from Arabic  لعبه كرة ألقدم‏) instead of Fotbal, or Topan (in North and South Kurdish), or "Mewade béhosh kerekan" instead of Latin Narkotika, or Dangubas, Hewallekan instead of Núce from North Kurdish with root in Hewramí (nike), South (nice). Here we need to learn how we can create a common ground internally for Kurdish instead of preserving the integrity of a selected dialect by alienate the other.

Simple rules such as, no translation of proper noun such as names for sports, merchandises, and brand names. This means there should be no attempt to translate the proper noun such as Amnesty International, Green Peace, Facebook, Twitter, and etc. 

We can not and shall not translate a proper name such as Football and at the same time using Out, Goal, Offside. The ideology of translating name of sport has been criticised in west as well and now there are strong trends using the native names such as "Ping pong" instead of "Table Tennis". This way people will connect to the history of sport and it origin. 

Such understating give us better ground to writ in common Kurdish even though we are using our own subdialect. This will make our writing more readable for any literate Kurdish speaker. 

Dr J. Nebez point to other bottleneck of Kurdish and that is the big gap in grammatical structure among the Mid Kurdish sub dialects. He emphasis that the Germíyaní subdialect has much better syntax structure among the Mid Kurdish subdialects which fall better within the frame of other Kurdish dialects of North and South. So do you think that Mid Kurdish has come that far that it can serve a nation? Today we have gone backward in the sense of standard writing of Mid Kurdish. You see more and more writing on local dialectal base rather that grammatically correct Mid Kurdish. for ex , it written "ekem" rather than "dekem", "ejhim" rather than "dejhim". Lets take an example form Internet, from Hawlatí Wednesday, November 04, 2009

حكومه‌تی ئێران ده‌ستیكردووه‌ به‌دروستكردنی دیوارێكی كۆنكرێتیی به‌درێژایی سنوره‌كانی له‌گه‌ڵ هه‌رێمی كوردستاندا، بۆ رێگرتن له‌دزه‌كردنی چه‌كداره‌ ئۆپۆزسیۆنه‌كان بۆ ناو خاكه‌كه‌ی‌.

Hikumetí Éran destíkirdúwe bedirustkirdiní díwarékí konkirétí bediréjhayí sinurekaní legell herémí Kurdistanda, bo régirtin ledizekirdiní cekdare opozisíonekan bo naw xakekey.

It needs to read 

Hikumetí Éran bo régirtin le dize kirdiní cekdare opozisíonekan bo naw xakekey‌ destí be dirust kirdiní díwarékí konkirétí be diréjhayí sinurekaní legell herémí Kurdistan da kirdúwe.

Here is a classic example how much attention needs to go into quality writing. This fact of syntax structure has been monitored and pointed out by many scholars such Ferhad Shakely. 



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