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Categorizing the Kurdish Language

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I will here just post my opinions and I hope it will lead to a good discussion that will also enlighten me. So I am very open for changes if you give good arguments for your position.

In my view the Kurdish language is comprised of two main dialect groups, or as some would say language groups.

1. Pehlewaní: Dimilí (zazakí), Gúraní, Hewramí (I do not know if hewramí should be included into Gúraní), Lekí (I am not certain if Lekí should be included in Pehlewaní or Kurmanjí)
2. Kurmanji: North Kurmanjí, Central Kurmanjí, Southern Kurmanjí

I call the second group Kurmanji and its sub dialects North Kurmanji etc. rather than North Kurdish as this would imply that the Pehlewaní group is not Kurdish, which I think is preposterous. In my view calling the Pehlewaní group Kurdish is more substantial if we have to choose only one of them as Kurdish, which in my opinion is not relevant.

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Why not adding Kurdish to all

I believe the argument is about credibility of the term Kurmanjí as a scholarly linguistic terminology. Kurdish language is full with nonsense which has been injected with no reason. No one knows where the term Kurmanjí comes from and what is standing for. The terms Kurmanjí and Soraní have been miss used politically that do not suit scholarly studies. We shall promote a society with more tolerance on real concepts. Apparently V.Minorsky had no intentions to create any social discomfort when he invented the term Soraní in 1930s for his linguistic studies but we refer to it more as ethnic group rather than a simple linguistic terminology.

Nothing will stop you to say Pehlawaní Kurdish, (Dimilí, Guraní, and Hewramí Kurdish). You should realise that all these refer to geographical locations, tribal names, and historically are defined as Kurdish but the term Kurmanjí. There is no question when you say Gúraní as it is related to Tribe Gúran in Gúran province.

The term Kurdish does not need to be used in all level if you say Northern Group, Central Group and Souther group, Pehlewaní group of Kurdish language. The good thing about the research of any kinds is redefining the true value of concepts with wider and better justification with less social complications.

- Alfabéygí Yekgirig/Yekgirtú careseri bineyíg erra girifteyli zuwani Kurdí ye!
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