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 ‘National Unity for Developing a Democratic National Culture’ 

The first Kurdish culture, art and literature conference will be held on 11-12 December in Amed. For the first time in the history of our people, Kurdish intellectuals, writers and artists are going to discuss the historical resources, current situation and future perspective of the Kurdish culture. This conference will be not only a historical step for the Kurdish people but also a conscientious, moral and political responsibility for the Middle East Peoples and Humanity. No doubt, such a conference will also be a great contribution in the struggle to achieve freedom and human values for our people.

The main goal of this conference will be protecting, improving and carying  to the future the material and moral values created with a great effort by our people in the historical progress. Cultural values mean existence, life and freedom for every person and people.Based on its rich cultural values, our people have been in the resistance in the territory of Kurdistan for thousands years, and they have protected their existence and never accepted slavery by insisting on freedom. Kurds, as one of the people improved neolitic agriculture and village revolution, have contributed to the sacred cultural values of humanity such as freedom culture and democracy. They have created the core values of socialization in Mesopotamia defined as the cradle of humanity. The language revolution one of the basic characteristics of socialization developed here and Kurdish language is one of the history’s most ancient languages. Kurdish people created a live culture by building villages, the first area of social life, and developing a culture of agriculture. All of these features have created a powerful lifestyle and identity. The Kurdish People has been a carrier of democratic communal culture with its language,identity, lifestyle, belief system and historical geography. And today, they also claim to be the dynamic power of the democratic civilization.

Throughout history, the sovereign powers that ignored the Kurdish community’s great contribution to humanity have been in continous assault against Kurdish cultural values. Kurdistan has witnessed continous wars as a fundemental area of civilization and life. The Kurds have been in continous resistance against them and in search of protecting their existence. At this point, The Kurdish people are faced with two major danger. The first is cultural decimation applications carried out by the hegemonic powers of the globalized world against local and ethnic communities and the second is destruction and denial policies of the solid-nation systems.The Kurdish culture has been greatly affected by these two danger and still affected by them.

In spite of all these attacks,the first Kurdish culture-art and literature conference will strengthen the democratic national unity through national cultural debates and reinforce the solidarity and sharing between Kurds. Based on the historical heritage of the Kurds and Kurdistan reality, it will only be provided with cultural, historical and spiritual unity. The Kurds have to ensure this national spirit and unity.For Kurds there are suitable conditions of this now and the historical, social flow and development support it.Kurdish intellectuals, writers and artists within the boundaries of four countries and compelled to live in different parts of the world will come together in the spirit and awareness of a democratic nation.And this will be the main effort to develop national unity in addition to providing great morale to our people.

Discussions and evaluation on the Kurdish art and literature are needed as well as the debates on culture, history, community. It is necessary to make discussions of art and literature with the questions such as ‘What are the resources of our art and literature? What are their problems today? What is our level of artistic and literary production in spite of a very strong cultural, historical resources? Is it at the point of meeting social needs?’

The Kurdish intellectuals, writers, artists such as Ehmedé Xani, Baba Tahiré Uryan, Melayé Ciziri, Hémin, Fatma Isa, Apé Musa, Cegerxwin, Osman Sebri, Eyşe Şan, İbrahim Ehmed, Héjar, Qanaté Kurdo who are the roots and source of the Kurdish culture, art and literary history contributed great values to our social existence. As a result, the heirs and follwers of these respectable Kurdish intellectuals, writers, and artists have to protect and develop their memories and values. We beleive that this conference will take an important place in the history of our people.

Our conference will be hosted by the co-presidents of the Congress of Democratic Society (DTK), Mr. Ahmet Türk and Mrs. Aysel Tuğluk and on behalf of the Mesopotamian Cultural Centers, Mr. Genim İldan and Mrs. Rojda Şenses. Our conference is also supported by the co-presidents of Peace and Democracy Party (BDP), Mr. Selahattin Demirtaş, Mrs. Gülten Kışanak and the mayor of Diyarbakır Metropolitan, Mr. Osman Baydemir

Our conference’s being successfull and playing its historical role will be possible with the powerful participation of Kurdish intellectuals, artists, and writers. The everything will be said, every evaluation will be made will take a great place in the history of our people. With this aim, we invite all Kurdish intellectuals and artists to the national Kurdish culture art and literature conference which will be held on the 11-12 of December in Diyarbakir.

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Invitation group:
Ahmet Türk
Aysel Tuğluk 
Genim ildan
Rojda Şenses
Gülten Kışanak
Selahattin Demirtaş
Osman Baydemir
Celile celil
Yüksel Yavuz
Özkan Küçük
Kakşar Oremar
Muhsin Osman  
Ehmed Huseyni
Sami Tan
Xelil Xemgin                   
Tara Caff    
Mikail aslan
Fewzi Bilge
Co-president of the Congress of Democratic Society (DTK)
Co-president of the Congress of Democratic Society (DTK)
Musician (Mesopotamia Culture Center)
Musician (Mesopotamia Culture Center)
Co-president of Peace and Democracy Party (BDP)
Co-president of Peace and Democracy Party (BDP)
The Mayor of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality
Film Director
Film Director
Linguist ( President of İstanbul Kurdish Institute)
Trainer of Folk Dance

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Discussions Topics:


A. History of Kurdish Culture, social realities / resource

  • -As a second nature improvement and acculturation of society, orginality of Kurdistan geography
  • -In the Kurdish nation history neolithic era (the role of woman); language and culture revolution
  • -Moral and material values which created Kurdish identity

B.Kurdish Culture, language and literature’s development processes and current situation / The problems they have /Solution perspective

  • -Industrialization of culture/ cultural values which are commodfied
  • -Ruler nation state’s cultural slaughter policies / Assimilation and Alienation
  • -Democratic Kurds Nationalization and importance of Kurdish language
  • - Contemporary Kurdish Literature / the problems they have and basement of solution

C. Current situation of Kurdish Art/improvement of social art and social enlightenment

  • -In the progressing national cultural values art branches freedom and aesthetic criterias
  • -Culture, art and media relations

D. Ethic, Politic- Intellectual Responsibilities of Artist and Intellectual

-Importance of national unity; mission of Kurdish intellectuals and artists                                                                                      


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