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 Looking for KAL web site to accept your contributed articles? Wondering how to write and submit contributed articles? If you're a gifted linguist the readers and callers of KAL will find out before you know it. They will rate your work with their comments and feedback. Writing a contributed article is a great way to publish your ideas.

تۆفیق وه‌هبی له‌ بیره‌وه‌ریه‌كانی د. نووری تاڵه‌بانی

ئه‌كادیمیای كوردی ئێواره‌ كۆڕێكی له‌ 13 /2 /2013 بۆ دكتۆر نووری تاڵه‌بانی، سه‌رۆكی ئه‌كادیمیای كوردی ڕێكخست بۆ گێڕانه‌وه‌ی بیره‌وه‌ریه‌كانی له‌گه‌ڵ زانای گه‌وره‌ی كورد تۆفیق وه‌هبی به‌گ.
سه‌ره‌تا د. نه‌جاتی عه‌بدوڵڵا، سكرتێری ئه‌كادیمیا به‌ كورتی باسی ژیاننامه‌ و به‌رهه‌مه‌كانی تۆفیق وه‌هبی كرد، دواتر د. نووری تاڵه‌بانی به‌ وردی كه‌وته‌ گێڕانه‌وه‌ی بیره‌وه‌ریه‌كانی له‌گه‌ڵ ئه‌و زانا گه‌وره‌یه‌ی كورد و گوتی، به‌خته‌وه‌ربووم كه‌ له‌و ماوه‌ی له‌ (له‌نده‌ن) بووم، له‌ نزیكه‌وه‌ تۆفیق وه‌هبی به‌گم ناسیوه‌، یه‌كه‌م جار له‌ هاوینی ساڵی 1973دا چووته‌ سه‌ردانی، له‌ ئاهه‌نگی نه‌ورۆزی ساڵی 1974 چاوی پێكه‌وتۆته‌وه‌، به‌ڵام له‌ سه‌ره‌تای ساڵی 1975ه‌وه‌ هه‌فته‌ی جارێك سه‌ردانی كردووه‌، چونكه‌ هاوكاریی كردووه‌ له‌ دانانی فه‌رهه‌نگێكی قانوونی كوردی. له‌ درێژه‌ی قسه‌كانیدا د. نووری گوتی ئه‌وه‌ی لێره‌دا ده‌یگێڕیمه‌وه‌ قسه‌كانی خۆیه‌تی، له‌گه‌ڵ چه‌ند ڕووداوێك، كه‌ به‌ ئه‌مانه‌ته‌وه‌ منیش ده‌یانگێڕمه‌وه‌.

Status of Kurdish Liquids

By Khasrow F. Almasi, Central Washington University, May 2010

Abstract; The status of liquids in Kurdish has not been established yet. Some consider them as distinctive phonemes; still others see them as allophones.

Phonological Adjustments in Kurdish

By Khasrow F. Almasi, Central Washington University, May 2010


Phonological adjustments are such processes as assimilation, dissimilation, deletion, insertion, and linking. As a result of these processes, the sound segments go under partial or fundamental changes. In most languages, these adjustments do not lead to any difference in the orthographic form of the words after the adjustments are exerted, but the orthographic system of Kurdish does represent most of these adjustments.

From Kidney to Stone

E. Golshen, 1st March 2010

Kurdish languages have a wide range of vocabulary. Sometimes there are more than ten current words for a single meaning in the Kurdish dictionaries, waiting to preoccupy readers' minds. But unhappily most of these diversities and varied kinds might be foreign loans. Routinely the original words are giving way to the loanwords and this process has a background as old as the oldest document pertaining to Kurdish has.

Complex and Compound Adverbs in Kurdish and English

A Descriptive and Contrastive Study
of Complex and Compound Adverbs in Kurdish and English
Hiva Asadpour

Abstract: The present study aims to describe some prominent syntactic features of the two main Kurdish dialects Sorâni and Kurmânji. Kurdish is an Indo-European language (also sometimes referred to as an Indo-Iranian language) (Minorsky, 1927, 2003; Mackenzie, 1959, 1961; Kalbasi 1982; Oransky 2000; Sadeghi, 2002 cited in Asadpour & Pahlavannijad, 2007) having more than 25 million people as its native speakers the majority of whom dwell in the Middle East (Leezenberg, 1993; Hassanpour, 1989, 1992, 1995; Sment, 1996 cited in Sheykhoislami, 2001). Sorâni and Kurmânji are the main dialects of Kurdish which are spoken in Western Azerbaijan (Leezenberg, 1993; Nezami 2006; Asadpour & Pahlavannijad, 2007)

A proposal for Latin based Kurdish alphabet

In the case of the recent debate regarding Standardisation of Kurdish language I have different view and I would like to forward my proposal below. I was born in Amed in 1968. I was graduated from French philology in Ankara. I worked in Istanbul Kurdish Institute for 4 years. Then I have worked as English and French teacher, and translator more than ten years.

A proposal for Latin based Kurdish alphabet

Raif Yaman

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